Holy, Sacred

Main Forms: Sacer, Sacra, Sacrum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sacra Sacer Sacrum
Genitive Sacrae Sacri Sacri
Dative Sacrae Sacro Sacro
Accusative Sacram Sacrum Sacrum
Ablative Sacra Sacro Sacro
Vocative Sacra SacrSacer Sacrum
Nominative Sacrae Sacri Sacra
Genitive Sacrarum Sacrorum Sacrorum
Dative Sacris Sacris Sacris
Accusative Sacras Sacros Sacra
Ablative Sacris Sacris Sacris
Vocative Sacrae Sacri Sacra
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Sacrior Sacrius
Genitive Sacrioris Sacrioris
Dative Sacriori Sacriori
Accusative Sacriorem Sacrius
Ablative Sacriore Sacriore
Vocative Sacrior Sacrius
Nominative Sacriores Sacriora
Genitive Sacriorum Sacriorum
Dative Sacrioribus Sacrioribus
Accusative Sacriores Sacriora
Ablative Sacrioribus Sacrioribus
Vocative Sacriores Sacriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Sacrissima Sacrissimus Sacrissimum
Genitive Sacrissimae Sacrissimi Sacrissimi
Dative Sacrissimae Sacrissimo Sacrissimo
Accusative Sacrissimam Sacrissimum Sacrissimum
Ablative Sacrissima Sacrissimo Sacrissimo
Vocative Sacrissima Sacrissime Sacrissimum
Nominative Sacrissimae Sacrissimi Sacrissima
Genitive Sacrissimarum Sacrissimorum Sacrissimorum
Dative Sacrissimis Sacrissimis Sacrissimis
Accusative Sacrissimas Sacrissimos Sacrissima
Ablative Sacrissimis Sacrissimis Sacrissimis
Vocative Sacrissimae Sacrissimi Sacrissima

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Translation Holy, Sacred
Adjective Forms Sacer, Sacra, Sacrum
Masculine Sacer
Feminine Sacra
Neuter Sacrum
Stem Sacr

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Voc. Singular ending Sacer

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