Main Forms: Purus, Pura, Purum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Pura Purus Purum
Genitive Purae Puri Puri
Dative Purae Puro Puro
Accusative Puram Purum Purum
Ablative Pura Puro Puro
Vocative Pura Pure Purum
Nominative Purae Puri Pura
Genitive Purarum Purorum Purorum
Dative Puris Puris Puris
Accusative Puras Puros Pura
Ablative Puris Puris Puris
Vocative Purae Puri Pura
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Purior Purius
Genitive Purioris Purioris
Dative Puriori Puriori
Accusative Puriorem Purius
Ablative Puriore Puriore
Vocative Purior Purius
Nominative Puriores Puriora
Genitive Puriorum Puriorum
Dative Purioribus Purioribus
Accusative Puriores Puriora
Ablative Purioribus Purioribus
Vocative Puriores Puriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Purissima Purissimus Purissimum
Genitive Purissimae Purissimi Purissimi
Dative Purissimae Purissimo Purissimo
Accusative Purissimam Purissimum Purissimum
Ablative Purissima Purissimo Purissimo
Vocative Purissima Purissime Purissimum
Nominative Purissimae Purissimi Purissima
Genitive Purissimarum Purissimorum Purissimorum
Dative Purissimis Purissimis Purissimis
Accusative Purissimas Purissimos Purissima
Ablative Purissimis Purissimis Purissimis
Vocative Purissimae Purissimi Purissima

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Translation Pure
Adjective Forms Purus, Pura, Purum
Masculine Purus
Feminine Pura
Neuter Purum
Stem Pur

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