Handsome, beautiful, fine

Main Forms: Pulcher, Pulchra, Pulchrum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Pulchra Pulcher Pulchrum
Genitive Pulchrae Pulchri Pulchri
Dative Pulchrae Pulchro Pulchro
Accusative Pulchram Pulchrum Pulchrum
Ablative Pulchra Pulchro Pulchro
Vocative Pulchra Pulchre Pulchrum
Nominative Pulchrae Pulchri Pulchra
Genitive Pulchrarum Pulchrorum Pulchrorum
Dative Pulchris Pulchris Pulchris
Accusative Pulchras Pulchros Pulchra
Ablative Pulchris Pulchris Pulchris
Vocative Pulchrae Pulchri Pulchra
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Pulchrior Pulchrius
Genitive Pulchrioris Pulchrioris
Dative Pulchriori Pulchriori
Accusative Pulchriorem Pulchrius
Ablative Pulchriore Pulchriore
Vocative Pulchrior Pulchrius
Nominative Pulchriores Pulchriora
Genitive Pulchriorum Pulchriorum
Dative Pulchrioribus Pulchrioribus
Accusative Pulchriores Pulchriora
Ablative Pulchrioribus Pulchrioribus
Vocative Pulchriores Pulchriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Pulcherrima Pulcherrimus Pulcherrimum
Genitive Pulcherrimae Pulcherrimi Pulcherrimi
Dative Pulcherrimae Pulcherrimo Pulcherrimo
Accusative Pulcherrimam Pulcherrimum Pulcherrimum
Ablative Pulcherrima Pulcherrimo Pulcherrimo
Vocative Pulcherrima Pulcherrime Pulcherrimum
Nominative Pulcherrimae Pulcherrimi Pulchrrima
Genitive Pulcherrimarum Pulcherrimorum Pulchrrimorum
Dative Pulcherrimis Pulcherrimis Pulcherrimis
Accusative Pulcherrimas Pulcherrimos Pulcherrima
Ablative Pulcherrimis Pulcherrimis Pulcherrimis
Vocative Pulcherrimae Pulcherrimi Pulcherrima

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Translation Handsome, beautiful, fine
Adjective Forms Pulcher, Pulchra, Pulchrum
Masculine Pulcher
Feminine Pulchra
Neuter Pulchrum
Stem Pulchr

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