Full, abundant, generous

Main Forms: Plenus, Plena, Plenum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Plena Plenus Plenum
Genitive Plenae Pleni Pleni
Dative Plenae Pleno Pleno
Accusative Plenam Plenum Plenum
Ablative Plena Pleno Pleno
Vocative Plena Plene Plenum
Nominative Plenae Pleni Plena
Genitive Plenarum Plenorum Plenorum
Dative Plenis Plenis Plenis
Accusative Plenas Plenos Plena
Ablative Plenis Plenis Plenis
Vocative Plenae Pleni Plena
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Plenior Plenius
Genitive Plenioris Plenioris
Dative Pleniori Pleniori
Accusative Pleniorem Plenius
Ablative Pleniore Pleniore
Vocative Plenior Plenius
Nominative Pleniores Pleniora
Genitive Pleniorum Pleniorum
Dative Plenioribus Plenioribus
Accusative Pleniores Pleniora
Ablative Plenioribus Plenioribus
Vocative Pleniores Pleniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Plenissima Plenissimus Plenissimum
Genitive Plenissimae Plenissimi Plenissimi
Dative Plenissimae Plenissimo Plenissimo
Accusative Plenissimam Plenissimum Plenissimum
Ablative Plenissima Plenissimo Plenissimo
Vocative Plenissima Plenissime Plenissimum
Nominative Plenissimae Plenissimi Plenissima
Genitive Plenissimarum Plenissimorum Plenissimorum
Dative Plenissimis Plenissimis Plenissimis
Accusative Plenissimas Plenissimos Plenissima
Ablative Plenissimis Plenissimis Plenissimis
Vocative Plenissimae Plenissimi Plenissima

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Translation Full, abundant, generous
Adjective Forms Plenus, Plena, Plenum
Masculine Plenus
Feminine Plena
Neuter Plenum
Stem Plen

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