Obstinate, wilful, stubborn

Main Forms: Pervicax, Pervicacis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Pervicax Pervicas
Genitive Pervicacis Pervicacis
Dative Pervicaci Pervicaci
Accusative Pervicacem Pervicas
Ablative Pervicaci Pervicaci
Vocative Pervicax Pervicas
Nominative Pervicaces Pervicacia
Genitive Pervicacium Pervicacium
Dative Pervicacibus Pervicacibus
Accusative Pervicaces Pervicacia
Ablative Pervicacibus Pervicacibus
Vocative Pervicaces Pervicacia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Pervicacior Pervicacius
Genitive Pervicacioris Pervicacioris
Dative Pervicaciori Pervicaciori
Accusative Pervicaciorem Pervicacius
Ablative Pervicaciore Pervicaciore
Vocative Pervicacior Pervicacius
Nominative Pervicaciores Pervicaciora
Genitive Pervicaciorum Pervicaciorum
Dative Pervicacioribus Pervicacioribus
Accusative Pervicaciores Pervicaciora
Ablative Pervicacioribus Pervicacioribus
Vocative Pervicaciores Pervicaciora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Pervicacissima Pervicacissimus Pervicacissimum
Genitive Pervicacissimae Pervicacissimi Pervicacissimi
Dative Pervicacissimae Pervicacissimo Pervicacissimo
Accusative Pervicacissimam Pervicacissimum Pervicacissimum
Ablative Pervicacissima Pervicacissimo Pervicacissimo
Vocative Pervicacissima Pervicacissime Pervicacissimum
Nominative Pervicacissimae Pervicacissimi Pervicacissima
Genitive Pervicacissimarum Pervicacissimorum Pervicacissimorum
Dative Pervicacissimis Pervicacissimis Pervicacissimis
Accusative Pervicacissimas Pervicacissimos Pervicacissima
Ablative Pervicacissimis Pervicacissimis Pervicacissimis
Vocative Pervicacissimae Pervicacissimi Pervicacissima

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Translation Obstinate, wilful, stubborn
Adjective Forms Pervicax, Pervicacis
Masculine Pervicax
Feminine Pervicax
Neuter Pervicas
Stem Pervicac

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