Perpetual, long lasting, continuous, uninterrupted

Main Forms: Perpetuus, Perpetua, Perpetuum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Perpetua Perpetuus Perpetuum
Genitive Perpetuae Perpetui Perpetui
Dative Perpetuae Perpetuo Perpetuo
Accusative Perpetuam Perpetuum Perpetuum
Ablative Perpetua Perpetuo Perpetuo
Vocative Perpetua Perpetue Perpetuum
Nominative Perpetuae Perpetui Perpetua
Genitive Perpetuarum Perpetuorum Perpetuorum
Dative Perpetuis Perpetuis Perpetuis
Accusative Perpetuas Perpetuos Perpetua
Ablative Perpetuis Perpetuis Perpetuis
Vocative Perpetuae Perpetui Perpetua
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Perpetuior Perpetuius
Genitive Perpetuioris Perpetuioris
Dative Perpetuiori Perpetuiori
Accusative Perpetuiorem Perpetuius
Ablative Perpetuiore Perpetuiore
Vocative Perpetuior Perpetuius
Nominative Perpetuiores Perpetuiora
Genitive Perpetuiorum Perpetuiorum
Dative Perpetuioribus Perpetuioribus
Accusative Perpetuiores Perpetuiora
Ablative Perpetuioribus Perpetuioribus
Vocative Perpetuiores Perpetuiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Perpetuissima Perpetuissimus Perpetuissimum
Genitive Perpetuissimae Perpetuissimi Perpetuissimi
Dative Perpetuissimae Perpetuissimo Perpetuissimo
Accusative Perpetuissimam Perpetuissimum Perpetuissimum
Ablative Perpetuissima Perpetuissimo Perpetuissimo
Vocative Perpetuissima Perpetuissime Perpetuissimum
Nominative Perpetuissimae Perpetuissimi Perpetuissima
Genitive Perpetuissimarum Perpetuissimorum Perpetuissimorum
Dative Perpetuissimis Perpetuissimis Perpetuissimis
Accusative Perpetuissimas Perpetuissimos Perpetuissima
Ablative Perpetuissimis Perpetuissimis Perpetuissimis
Vocative Perpetuissimae Perpetuissimi Perpetuissima

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Translation Perpetual, long lasting, continuous, uninterrupted
Adjective Forms Perpetuus, Perpetua, Perpetuum
Masculine Perpetuus
Feminine Perpetua
Neuter Perpetuum
Stem Perpetu

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