Prepared, ready

Main Forms: Paratus, Parata, Paratum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Parata Paratus Paratum
Genitive Paratae Parati Parati
Dative Paratae Parato Parato
Accusative Paratam Paratum Paratum
Ablative Parata Parato Parato
Vocative Parata Parate Paratum
Nominative Paratae Parati Parata
Genitive Paratarum Paratorum Paratorum
Dative Paratis Paratis Paratis
Accusative Paratas Paratos Parata
Ablative Paratis Paratis Paratis
Vocative Paratae Parati Parata
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Paratior Paratius
Genitive Paratioris Paratioris
Dative Paratiori Paratiori
Accusative Paratiorem Paratius
Ablative Paratiore Paratiore
Vocative Paratior Paratius
Nominative Paratiores Paratiora
Genitive Paratiorum Paratiorum
Dative Paratioribus Paratioribus
Accusative Paratiores Paratiora
Ablative Paratioribus Paratioribus
Vocative Paratiores Paratiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Paratissima Paratissimus Paratissimum
Genitive Paratissimae Paratissimi Paratissimi
Dative Paratissimae Paratissimo Paratissimo
Accusative Paratissimam Paratissimum Paratissimum
Ablative Paratissima Paratissimo Paratissimo
Vocative Paratissima Paratissime Paratissimum
Nominative Paratissimae Paratissimi Paratissima
Genitive Paratissimarum Paratissimorum Paratissimorum
Dative Paratissimis Paratissimis Paratissimis
Accusative Paratissimas Paratissimos Paratissima
Ablative Paratissimis Paratissimis Paratissimis
Vocative Paratissimae Paratissimi Paratissima

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Translation Prepared, ready
Adjective Forms Paratus, Parata, Paratum
Masculine Paratus
Feminine Parata
Neuter Paratum
Stem Parat

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