Everything, all

Main Forms: Omnis, Omnis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Omnis Omne
Genitive Omnis Omnis
Dative Omni Omni
Accusative Omnem Omne
Ablative Omni Omni
Vocative Omnis Omne
Nominative Omnes Omnia
Genitive Omnium Omnium
Dative Omnibus Omnibus
Accusative Omnes Omnia
Ablative Omnibus Omnibus
Vocative Omnes Omnia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Omnior Omnius
Genitive Omnioris Omnioris
Dative Omniori Omniori
Accusative Omniorem Omnius
Ablative Omniore Omniore
Vocative Omnior Omnius
Nominative Omniores Omniora
Genitive Omniorum Omniorum
Dative Omnioribus Omnioribus
Accusative Omniores Omniora
Ablative Omnioribus Omnioribus
Vocative Omniores Omniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Omnissima Omnissimus Omnissimum
Genitive Omnissimae Omnissimi Omnissimi
Dative Omnissimae Omnissimo Omnissimo
Accusative Omnissimam Omnissimum Omnissimum
Ablative Omnissima Omnissimo Omnissimo
Vocative Omnissima Omnissime Omnissimum
Nominative Omnissimae Omnissimi Omnissima
Genitive Omnissimarum Omnissimorum Omnissimorum
Dative Omnissimis Omnissimis Omnissimis
Accusative Omnissimas Omnissimos Omnissima
Ablative Omnissimis Omnissimis Omnissimis
Vocative Omnissimae Omnissimi Omnissima

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Translation Everything, all
Adjective Forms Omnis, Omnis
Masculine Omnis
Feminine Omnis
Neuter Omne
Stem Omn

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