Occupied, busy

Main Forms: Occupatus, Occupata, Occupatum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Occupata Occupatus Occupatum
Genitive Occupatae Occupati Occupati
Dative Occupatae Occupato Occupato
Accusative Occupatam Occupatum Occupatum
Ablative Occupata Occupato Occupato
Vocative Occupata Occupate Occupatum
Nominative Occupatae Occupati Occupata
Genitive Occupatarum Occupatorum Occupatorum
Dative Occupatis Occupatis Occupatis
Accusative Occupatas Occupatos Occupata
Ablative Occupatis Occupatis Occupatis
Vocative Occupatae Occupati Occupata
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Occupatior Occupatius
Genitive Occupatioris Occupatioris
Dative Occupatiori Occupatiori
Accusative Occupatiorem Occupatius
Ablative Occupatiore Occupatiore
Vocative Occupatior Occupatius
Nominative Occupatiores Occupatiora
Genitive Occupatiorum Occupatiorum
Dative Occupatioribus Occupatioribus
Accusative Occupatiores Occupatiora
Ablative Occupatioribus Occupatioribus
Vocative Occupatiores Occupatiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Occupatissima Occupatissimus Occupatissimum
Genitive Occupatissimae Occupatissimi Occupatissimi
Dative Occupatissimae Occupatissimo Occupatissimo
Accusative Occupatissimam Occupatissimum Occupatissimum
Ablative Occupatissima Occupatissimo Occupatissimo
Vocative Occupatissima Occupatissime Occupatissimum
Nominative Occupatissimae Occupatissimi Occupatissima
Genitive Occupatissimarum Occupatissimorum Occupatissimorum
Dative Occupatissimis Occupatissimis Occupatissimis
Accusative Occupatissimas Occupatissimos Occupatissima
Ablative Occupatissimis Occupatissimis Occupatissimis
Vocative Occupatissimae Occupatissimi Occupatissima

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Translation Occupied, busy
Adjective Forms Occupatus, Occupata, Occupatum
Masculine Occupatus
Feminine Occupata
Neuter Occupatum
Stem Occupat

If the adjective is first/second declension, specify the vocative ending.

Voc. Singular ending e

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