Firm, resolute; stubborn

Main Forms: Obstinatus, Obstinata, Obstinatum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Obstinata Obstinatus Obstinatum
Genitive Obstinatae Obstinati Obstinati
Dative Obstinatae Obstinato Obstinato
Accusative Obstinatam Obstinatum Obstinatum
Ablative Obstinata Obstinato Obstinato
Vocative Obstinata Obstinate Obstinatum
Nominative Obstinatae Obstinati Obstinata
Genitive Obstinatarum Obstinatorum Obstinatorum
Dative Obstinatis Obstinatis Obstinatis
Accusative Obstinatas Obstinatos Obstinata
Ablative Obstinatis Obstinatis Obstinatis
Vocative Obstinatae Obstinati Obstinata
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Obstinatior Obstinatius
Genitive Obstinatioris Obstinatioris
Dative Obstinatiori Obstinatiori
Accusative Obstinatiorem Obstinatius
Ablative Obstinatiore Obstinatiore
Vocative Obstinatior Obstinatius
Nominative Obstinatiores Obstinatiora
Genitive Obstinatiorum Obstinatiorum
Dative Obstinatioribus Obstinatioribus
Accusative Obstinatiores Obstinatiora
Ablative Obstinatioribus Obstinatioribus
Vocative Obstinatiores Obstinatiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Obstinatissima Obstinatissimus Obstinatissimum
Genitive Obstinatissimae Obstinatissimi Obstinatissimi
Dative Obstinatissimae Obstinatissimo Obstinatissimo
Accusative Obstinatissimam Obstinatissimum Obstinatissimum
Ablative Obstinatissima Obstinatissimo Obstinatissimo
Vocative Obstinatissima Obstinatissime Obstinatissimum
Nominative Obstinatissimae Obstinatissimi Obstinatissima
Genitive Obstinatissimarum Obstinatissimorum Obstinatissimorum
Dative Obstinatissimis Obstinatissimis Obstinatissimis
Accusative Obstinatissimas Obstinatissimos Obstinatissima
Ablative Obstinatissimis Obstinatissimis Obstinatissimis
Vocative Obstinatissimae Obstinatissimi Obstinatissima

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Translation Firm, resolute; stubborn
Adjective Forms Obstinatus, Obstinata, Obstinatum
Masculine Obstinatus
Feminine Obstinata
Neuter Obstinatum
Stem Obstinat

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