Nuptial, of a wedding

Main Forms: Nuptialis, Nuptialis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Nuptialis Nuptiale
Genitive Nuptialis Nuptialis
Dative Nuptiali Nuptiali
Accusative Nuptialem Nuptiale
Ablative Nuptiali Nuptiali
Vocative Nuptialis Nuptiale
Nominative Nuptiales Nuptialia
Genitive Nuptialium Nuptialium
Dative Nuptialibus Nuptialibus
Accusative Nuptiales Nuptialia
Ablative Nuptialibus Nuptialibus
Vocative Nuptiales Nuptialia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Nuptialior Nuptialius
Genitive Nuptialioris Nuptialioris
Dative Nuptialiori Nuptialiori
Accusative Nuptialiorem Nuptialius
Ablative Nuptialiore Nuptialiore
Vocative Nuptialior Nuptialius
Nominative Nuptialiores Nuptialiora
Genitive Nuptialiorum Nuptialiorum
Dative Nuptialioribus Nuptialioribus
Accusative Nuptialiores Nuptialiora
Ablative Nuptialioribus Nuptialioribus
Vocative Nuptialiores Nuptialiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Nuptialissima Nuptialissimus Nuptialissimum
Genitive Nuptialissimae Nuptialissimi Nuptialissimi
Dative Nuptialissimae Nuptialissimo Nuptialissimo
Accusative Nuptialissimam Nuptialissimum Nuptialissimum
Ablative Nuptialissima Nuptialissimo Nuptialissimo
Vocative Nuptialissima Nuptialissime Nuptialissimum
Nominative Nuptialissimae Nuptialissimi Nuptialissima
Genitive Nuptialissimarum Nuptialissimorum Nuptialissimorum
Dative Nuptialissimis Nuptialissimis Nuptialissimis
Accusative Nuptialissimas Nuptialissimos Nuptialissima
Ablative Nuptialissimis Nuptialissimis Nuptialissimis
Vocative Nuptialissimae Nuptialissimi Nuptialissima

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Translation Nuptial, of a wedding
Adjective Forms Nuptialis, Nuptialis
Masculine Nuptialis
Feminine Nuptialis
Neuter Nuptiale
Stem Nuptial

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