Sad, unhappy, miserable, wretched

Main Forms: miser, misera, miserum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative misera miser miserum
Genitive miserae miseri miseri
Dative miserae misero misero
Accusative miseram miserum miserum
Ablative misera misero misero
Vocative misera miser miserum
Nominative miserae miseri misera
Genitive miserarum miserorum miserorum
Dative miseris miseris miseris
Accusative miseras miseros misera
Ablative miseris miseris miseris
Vocative miserae miseri misera
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative miserior miserius
Genitive miserioris miserioris
Dative miseriori miseriori
Accusative miseriorem miserius
Ablative miseriore miseriore
Vocative miserior miserius
Nominative miseriores miseriora
Genitive miseriorum miseriorum
Dative miserioribus miserioribus
Accusative miseriores miseriora
Ablative miserioribus miserioribus
Vocative miseriores miseriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative miserrima miserrimus miserrimum
Genitive miserrimae miserrimi miserrimi
Dative miserrimae miserrimo miserrimo
Accusative miserrimam miserrimum miserrimum
Ablative miserrima miserrimo miserrimo
Vocative miserrima miserrime miserrimum
Nominative miserrimae miserrimi miserrima
Genitive miserrimarum miserrimorum miserrimorum
Dative miserrimis miserrimis miserrimis
Accusative miserrimas miserrimos miserrima
Ablative miserrimis miserrimis miserrimis
Vocative miserrimae miserrimi miserrima

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Translation Sad, unhappy, miserable, wretched
Adjective Forms miser, misera, miserum
Masculine miser
Feminine misera
Neuter miserum
Stem miser

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