Poor little

Main Forms: Misellus, Misella, Misellum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Misella Misellus Misellum
Genitive Misellae Miselli Miselli
Dative Misellae Misello Misello
Accusative Misellam Misellum Misellum
Ablative Misella Misello Misello
Vocative Misella Miselle Misellum
Nominative Misellae Miselli Misella
Genitive Misellarum Misellorum Misellorum
Dative Misellis Misellis Misellis
Accusative Misellas Misellos Misella
Ablative Misellis Misellis Misellis
Vocative Misellae Miselli Misella
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Misellior Misellius
Genitive Misellioris Misellioris
Dative Miselliori Miselliori
Accusative Miselliorem Misellius
Ablative Miselliore Miselliore
Vocative Misellior Misellius
Nominative Miselliores Miselliora
Genitive Miselliorum Miselliorum
Dative Misellioribus Misellioribus
Accusative Miselliores Miselliora
Ablative Misellioribus Misellioribus
Vocative Miselliores Miselliora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Misellissima Misellissimus Misellissimum
Genitive Misellissimae Misellissimi Misellissimi
Dative Misellissimae Misellissimo Misellissimo
Accusative Misellissimam Misellissimum Misellissimum
Ablative Misellissima Misellissimo Misellissimo
Vocative Misellissima Misellissime Misellissimum
Nominative Misellissimae Misellissimi Misellissima
Genitive Misellissimarum Misellissimorum Misellissimorum
Dative Misellissimis Misellissimis Misellissimis
Accusative Misellissimas Misellissimos Misellissima
Ablative Misellissimis Misellissimis Misellissimis
Vocative Misellissimae Misellissimi Misellissima

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Translation Poor little
Adjective Forms Misellus, Misella, Misellum
Masculine Misellus
Feminine Misella
Neuter Misellum
Stem Misell

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