Wonderful, marvelous

Main Forms: Mirus. Mira, Mirum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Mira Mirus Mirum
Genitive Mirae Miri Miri
Dative Mirae Miro Miro
Accusative Miram Mirum Mirum
Ablative Mira Miro Miro
Vocative Mira Mire Mirum
Nominative Mirae Miri Mira
Genitive Mirarum Mirorum Mirorum
Dative Miris Miris Miris
Accusative Miras Miros Mira
Ablative Miris Miris Miris
Vocative Mirae Miri Mira
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Mirior Mirius
Genitive Mirioris Mirioris
Dative Miriori Miriori
Accusative Miriorem Mirius
Ablative Miriore Miriore
Vocative Mirior Mirius
Nominative Miriores Miriora
Genitive Miriorum Miriorum
Dative Mirioribus Mirioribus
Accusative Miriores Miriora
Ablative Mirioribus Mirioribus
Vocative Miriores Miriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Mirissima Mirissimus Mirissimum
Genitive Mirissimae Mirissimi Mirissimi
Dative Mirissimae Mirissimo Mirissimo
Accusative Mirissimam Mirissimum Mirissimum
Ablative Mirissima Mirissimo Mirissimo
Vocative Mirissima Mirissime Mirissimum
Nominative Mirissimae Mirissimi Mirissima
Genitive Mirissimarum Mirissimorum Mirissimorum
Dative Mirissimis Mirissimis Mirissimis
Accusative Mirissimas Mirissimos Mirissima
Ablative Mirissimis Mirissimis Mirissimis
Vocative Mirissimae Mirissimi Mirissima

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Translation Wonderful, marvelous
Adjective Forms Mirus. Mira, Mirum
Masculine Mirus
Feminine Mira
Neuter Mirum
Stem Mir

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