Pure, undiluted

Main Forms: Merus, Mera, Merum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Mera Merus Merum
Genitive Merae Meri Meri
Dative Merae Mero Mero
Accusative Meram Merum Merum
Ablative Mera Mero Mero
Vocative Mera Mere Merum
Nominative Merae Meri Mera
Genitive Merarum Merorum Merorum
Dative Meris Meris Meris
Accusative Meras Meros Mera
Ablative Meris Meris Meris
Vocative Merae Meri Mera
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Merior Merius
Genitive Merioris Merioris
Dative Meriori Meriori
Accusative Meriorem Merius
Ablative Meriore Meriore
Vocative Merior Merius
Nominative Meriores Meriora
Genitive Meriorum Meriorum
Dative Merioribus Merioribus
Accusative Meriores Meriora
Ablative Merioribus Merioribus
Vocative Meriores Meriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Merissima Merissimus Merissimum
Genitive Merissimae Merissimi Merissimi
Dative Merissimae Merissimo Merissimo
Accusative Merissimam Merissimum Merissimum
Ablative Merissima Merissimo Merissimo
Vocative Merissima Merissime Merissimum
Nominative Merissimae Merissimi Merissima
Genitive Merissimarum Merissimorum Merissimorum
Dative Merissimis Merissimis Merissimis
Accusative Merissimas Merissimos Merissima
Ablative Merissimis Merissimis Merissimis
Vocative Merissimae Merissimi Merissima

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Translation Pure, undiluted
Adjective Forms Merus, Mera, Merum
Masculine Merus
Feminine Mera
Neuter Merum
Stem Mer

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