Middle, in the middle of

Main Forms: Medius, Media, Medium

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Media Medius Medium
Genitive Mediae Medii Medii
Dative Mediae Medio Medio
Accusative Mediam Medium Medium
Ablative Media Medio Medio
Vocative Media Medii Medium
Nominative Mediae Medii Media
Genitive Mediarum Mediorum Mediorum
Dative Mediis Mediis Mediis
Accusative Medias Medios Media
Ablative Mediis Mediis Mediis
Vocative Mediae Medii Media
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Mediior Mediius
Genitive Mediioris Mediioris
Dative Mediiori Mediiori
Accusative Mediiorem Mediius
Ablative Mediiore Mediiore
Vocative Mediior Mediius
Nominative Mediiores Mediiora
Genitive Mediiorum Mediiorum
Dative Mediioribus Mediioribus
Accusative Mediiores Mediiora
Ablative Mediioribus Mediioribus
Vocative Mediiores Mediiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Mediissima Mediissimus Mediissimum
Genitive Mediissimae Mediissimi Mediissimi
Dative Mediissimae Mediissimo Mediissimo
Accusative Mediissimam Mediissimum Mediissimum
Ablative Mediissima Mediissimo Mediissimo
Vocative Mediissima Mediissime Mediissimum
Nominative Mediissimae Mediissimi Mediissima
Genitive Mediissimarum Mediissimorum Mediissimorum
Dative Mediissimis Mediissimis Mediissimis
Accusative Mediissimas Mediissimos Mediissima
Ablative Mediissimis Mediissimis Mediissimis
Vocative Mediissimae Mediissimi Mediissima

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Translation Middle, in the middle of
Adjective Forms Medius, Media, Medium
Masculine Medius
Feminine Media
Neuter Medium
Stem Medi

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Voc. Singular ending i

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