Wicked, Malicious; Spiteful; Malignant

Main Forms: Malignus, Maligna, Malignum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Maligna Malignus Malignum
Genitive Malignae Maligni Maligni
Dative Malignae Maligno Maligno
Accusative Malignam Malignum Malignum
Ablative Maligna Maligno Maligno
Vocative Maligna Malign Malignum
Nominative Malignae Maligni Maligna
Genitive Malignarum Malignorum Malignorum
Dative Malignis Malignis Malignis
Accusative Malignas Malignos Maligna
Ablative Malignis Malignis Malignis
Vocative Malignae Maligni Maligna
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Malignior Malignius
Genitive Malignioris Malignioris
Dative Maligniori Maligniori
Accusative Maligniorem Malignius
Ablative Maligniore Maligniore
Vocative Malignior Malignius
Nominative Maligniores Maligniora
Genitive Maligniorum Maligniorum
Dative Malignioribus Malignioribus
Accusative Maligniores Maligniora
Ablative Malignioribus Malignioribus
Vocative Maligniores Maligniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Malignusrima Malignusrimus Malignusrimum
Genitive Malignusrimae Malignusrimi Malignusrimi
Dative Malignusrimae Malignusrimo Malignusrimo
Accusative Malignusrimam Malignusrimum Malignusrimum
Ablative Malignusrima Malignusrimo Malignusrimo
Vocative Malignusrima Malignusrime Malignusrimum
Nominative Malignusrimae Malignusrimi Malignrima
Genitive Malignusrimarum Malignusrimorum Malignrimorum
Dative Malignusrimis Malignusrimis Malignusrimis
Accusative Malignusrimas Malignusrimos Malignusrima
Ablative Malignusrimis Malignusrimis Malignusrimis
Vocative Malignusrimae Malignusrimi Malignusrima

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Translation Wicked, Malicious; Spiteful; Malignant
Adjective Forms Malignus, Maligna, Malignum
Masculine Malignus
Feminine Maligna
Neuter Malignum
Stem Malign

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