Pleasant, elegant, witty, neat

Main Forms: Lepidus, Lepida, Lepidum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Lepida Lepidus Lepidum
Genitive Lepidae Lepidi Lepidi
Dative Lepidae Lepido Lepido
Accusative Lepidam Lepidum Lepidum
Ablative Lepida Lepido Lepido
Vocative Lepida Lepide Lepidum
Nominative Lepidae Lepidi Lepida
Genitive Lepidarum Lepidorum Lepidorum
Dative Lepidis Lepidis Lepidis
Accusative Lepidas Lepidos Lepida
Ablative Lepidis Lepidis Lepidis
Vocative Lepidae Lepidi Lepida
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Lepidior Lepidius
Genitive Lepidioris Lepidioris
Dative Lepidiori Lepidiori
Accusative Lepidiorem Lepidius
Ablative Lepidiore Lepidiore
Vocative Lepidior Lepidius
Nominative Lepidiores Lepidiora
Genitive Lepidiorum Lepidiorum
Dative Lepidioribus Lepidioribus
Accusative Lepidiores Lepidiora
Ablative Lepidioribus Lepidioribus
Vocative Lepidiores Lepidiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Lepidissima Lepidissimus Lepidissimum
Genitive Lepidissimae Lepidissimi Lepidissimi
Dative Lepidissimae Lepidissimo Lepidissimo
Accusative Lepidissimam Lepidissimum Lepidissimum
Ablative Lepidissima Lepidissimo Lepidissimo
Vocative Lepidissima Lepidissime Lepidissimum
Nominative Lepidissimae Lepidissimi Lepidissima
Genitive Lepidissimarum Lepidissimorum Lepidissimorum
Dative Lepidissimis Lepidissimis Lepidissimis
Accusative Lepidissimas Lepidissimos Lepidissima
Ablative Lepidissimis Lepidissimis Lepidissimis
Vocative Lepidissimae Lepidissimi Lepidissima

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Translation Pleasant, elegant, witty, neat
Adjective Forms Lepidus, Lepida, Lepidum
Masculine Lepidus
Feminine Lepida
Neuter Lepidum
Stem Lepid

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