Wide, broad

Main Forms: Latus, Lata, Latum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Lata Latus Latum
Genitive Latae Lati Lati
Dative Latae Lato Lato
Accusative Latam Latum Latum
Ablative Lata Lato Lato
Vocative Lata Late Latum
Nominative Latae Lati Lata
Genitive Latarum Latorum Latorum
Dative Latis Latis Latis
Accusative Latas Latos Lata
Ablative Latis Latis Latis
Vocative Latae Lati Lata
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Latior Latius
Genitive Latioris Latioris
Dative Latiori Latiori
Accusative Latiorem Latius
Ablative Latiore Latiore
Vocative Latior Latius
Nominative Latiores Latiora
Genitive Latiorum Latiorum
Dative Latioribus Latioribus
Accusative Latiores Latiora
Ablative Latioribus Latioribus
Vocative Latiores Latiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Latissima Latissimus Latissimum
Genitive Latissimae Latissimi Latissimi
Dative Latissimae Latissimo Latissimo
Accusative Latissimam Latissimum Latissimum
Ablative Latissima Latissimo Latissimo
Vocative Latissima Latissime Latissimum
Nominative Latissimae Latissimi Latissima
Genitive Latissimarum Latissimorum Latissimorum
Dative Latissimis Latissimis Latissimis
Accusative Latissimas Latissimos Latissima
Ablative Latissimis Latissimis Latissimis
Vocative Latissimae Latissimi Latissima

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Translation Wide, broad
Adjective Forms Latus, Lata, Latum
Masculine Latus
Feminine Lata
Neuter Latum
Stem Lat

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