Laborious, toilsome

Main Forms: Laboriosus, Laboriosa, Laboriosum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Laboriosa Laboriosus Laboriosum
Genitive Laboriosae Laboriosi Laboriosi
Dative Laboriosae Laborioso Laborioso
Accusative Laboriosam Laboriosum Laboriosum
Ablative Laboriosa Laborioso Laborioso
Vocative Laboriosa Laboriose Laboriosum
Nominative Laboriosae Laboriosi Laboriosa
Genitive Laboriosarum Laboriosorum Laboriosorum
Dative Laboriosis Laboriosis Laboriosis
Accusative Laboriosas Laboriosos Laboriosa
Ablative Laboriosis Laboriosis Laboriosis
Vocative Laboriosae Laboriosi Laboriosa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Laboriosior Laboriosius
Genitive Laboriosioris Laboriosioris
Dative Laboriosiori Laboriosiori
Accusative Laboriosiorem Laboriosius
Ablative Laboriosiore Laboriosiore
Vocative Laboriosior Laboriosius
Nominative Laboriosiores Laboriosiora
Genitive Laboriosiorum Laboriosiorum
Dative Laboriosioribus Laboriosioribus
Accusative Laboriosiores Laboriosiora
Ablative Laboriosioribus Laboriosioribus
Vocative Laboriosiores Laboriosiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Laboriosissima Laboriosissimus Laboriosissimum
Genitive Laboriosissimae Laboriosissimi Laboriosissimi
Dative Laboriosissimae Laboriosissimo Laboriosissimo
Accusative Laboriosissimam Laboriosissimum Laboriosissimum
Ablative Laboriosissima Laboriosissimo Laboriosissimo
Vocative Laboriosissima Laboriosissime Laboriosissimum
Nominative Laboriosissimae Laboriosissimi Laboriosissima
Genitive Laboriosissimarum Laboriosissimorum Laboriosissimorum
Dative Laboriosissimis Laboriosissimis Laboriosissimis
Accusative Laboriosissimas Laboriosissimos Laboriosissima
Ablative Laboriosissimis Laboriosissimis Laboriosissimis
Vocative Laboriosissimae Laboriosissimi Laboriosissima

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Translation Laborious, toilsome
Adjective Forms Laboriosus, Laboriosa, Laboriosum
Masculine Laboriosus
Feminine Laboriosa
Neuter Laboriosum
Stem Laborios

If the adjective is first/second declension, specify the vocative ending.

Voc. Singular ending e

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