Humorous, playful

Main Forms: Iocosus, Iocosa, Iocosum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Iocosa Iocosus Iocosum
Genitive Iocosae Iocosi Iocosi
Dative Iocosae Iocoso Iocoso
Accusative Iocosam Iocosum Iocosum
Ablative Iocosa Iocoso Iocoso
Vocative Iocosa Iocose Iocosum
Nominative Iocosae Iocosi Iocosa
Genitive Iocosarum Iocosorum Iocosorum
Dative Iocosis Iocosis Iocosis
Accusative Iocosas Iocosos Iocosa
Ablative Iocosis Iocosis Iocosis
Vocative Iocosae Iocosi Iocosa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Iocosior Iocosius
Genitive Iocosioris Iocosioris
Dative Iocosiori Iocosiori
Accusative Iocosiorem Iocosius
Ablative Iocosiore Iocosiore
Vocative Iocosior Iocosius
Nominative Iocosiores Iocosiora
Genitive Iocosiorum Iocosiorum
Dative Iocosioribus Iocosioribus
Accusative Iocosiores Iocosiora
Ablative Iocosioribus Iocosioribus
Vocative Iocosiores Iocosiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Iocosissima Iocosissimus Iocosissimum
Genitive Iocosissimae Iocosissimi Iocosissimi
Dative Iocosissimae Iocosissimo Iocosissimo
Accusative Iocosissimam Iocosissimum Iocosissimum
Ablative Iocosissima Iocosissimo Iocosissimo
Vocative Iocosissima Iocosissime Iocosissimum
Nominative Iocosissimae Iocosissimi Iocosissima
Genitive Iocosissimarum Iocosissimorum Iocosissimorum
Dative Iocosissimis Iocosissimis Iocosissimis
Accusative Iocosissimas Iocosissimos Iocosissima
Ablative Iocosissimis Iocosissimis Iocosissimis
Vocative Iocosissimae Iocosissimi Iocosissima

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Translation Humorous, playful
Adjective Forms Iocosus, Iocosa, Iocosum
Masculine Iocosus
Feminine Iocosa
Neuter Iocosum
Stem Iocos

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