Forgetful of

Main Forms: Immemor, Immemoris

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Immemor Immemor
Genitive Immemoris Immemoris
Dative Immemori Immemori
Accusative Immemorem Immemor
Ablative Immemori Immemori
Vocative Immemor Immemor
Nominative Immemores Immemoria
Genitive Immemorium Immemorium
Dative Immemoribus Immemoribus
Accusative Immemores Immemoria
Ablative Immemoribus Immemoribus
Vocative Immemores Immemoria
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Immemorior Immemorius
Genitive Immemorioris Immemorioris
Dative Immemoriori Immemoriori
Accusative Immemoriorem Immemorius
Ablative Immemoriore Immemoriore
Vocative Immemorior Immemorius
Nominative Immemoriores Immemoriora
Genitive Immemoriorum Immemoriorum
Dative Immemorioribus Immemorioribus
Accusative Immemoriores Immemoriora
Ablative Immemorioribus Immemorioribus
Vocative Immemoriores Immemoriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Immemorrima Immemorrimus Immemorrimum
Genitive Immemorrimae Immemorrimi Immemorrimi
Dative Immemorrimae Immemorrimo Immemorrimo
Accusative Immemorrimam Immemorrimum Immemorrimum
Ablative Immemorrima Immemorrimo Immemorrimo
Vocative Immemorrima Immemorrime Immemorrimum
Nominative Immemorrimae Immemorrimi Immemorrima
Genitive Immemorrimarum Immemorrimorum Immemorrimorum
Dative Immemorrimis Immemorrimis Immemorrimis
Accusative Immemorrimas Immemorrimos Immemorrima
Ablative Immemorrimis Immemorrimis Immemorrimis
Vocative Immemorrimae Immemorrimi Immemorrima

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Translation Forgetful of
Adjective Forms Immemor, Immemoris
Masculine Immemor
Feminine Immemor
Neuter Immemor
Stem Immemor

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