Ignorant, unaware

Main Forms: Ignarus, Ignara, Ignarum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Ignara Ignarus Ignarum
Genitive Ignarae Ignari Ignari
Dative Ignarae Ignaro Ignaro
Accusative Ignaram Ignarum Ignarum
Ablative Ignara Ignaro Ignaro
Vocative Ignara Ignare Ignarum
Nominative Ignarae Ignari Ignara
Genitive Ignararum Ignarorum Ignarorum
Dative Ignaris Ignaris Ignaris
Accusative Ignaras Ignaros Ignara
Ablative Ignaris Ignaris Ignaris
Vocative Ignarae Ignari Ignara
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Ignarior Ignarius
Genitive Ignarioris Ignarioris
Dative Ignariori Ignariori
Accusative Ignariorem Ignarius
Ablative Ignariore Ignariore
Vocative Ignarior Ignarius
Nominative Ignariores Ignariora
Genitive Ignariorum Ignariorum
Dative Ignarioribus Ignarioribus
Accusative Ignariores Ignariora
Ablative Ignarioribus Ignarioribus
Vocative Ignariores Ignariora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Ignarissima Ignarissimus Ignarissimum
Genitive Ignarissimae Ignarissimi Ignarissimi
Dative Ignarissimae Ignarissimo Ignarissimo
Accusative Ignarissimam Ignarissimum Ignarissimum
Ablative Ignarissima Ignarissimo Ignarissimo
Vocative Ignarissima Ignarissime Ignarissimum
Nominative Ignarissimae Ignarissimi Ignarissima
Genitive Ignarissimarum Ignarissimorum Ignarissimorum
Dative Ignarissimis Ignarissimis Ignarissimis
Accusative Ignarissimas Ignarissimos Ignarissima
Ablative Ignarissimis Ignarissimis Ignarissimis
Vocative Ignarissimae Ignarissimi Ignarissima

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Translation Ignorant, unaware
Adjective Forms Ignarus, Ignara, Ignarum
Masculine Ignarus
Feminine Ignara
Neuter Ignarum
Stem Ignar

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