Kind, humane; human

Main Forms: Humanus, Humana, Humanum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Humana Humanus Humanum
Genitive Humanae Humani Humani
Dative Humanae Humano Humano
Accusative Humanam Humanum Humanum
Ablative Humana Humano Humano
Vocative Humana Humane Humanum
Nominative Humanae Humani Humana
Genitive Humanarum Humanorum Humanorum
Dative Humanis Humanis Humanis
Accusative Humanas Humanos Humana
Ablative Humanis Humanis Humanis
Vocative Humanae Humani Humana
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Humanior Humanius
Genitive Humanioris Humanioris
Dative Humaniori Humaniori
Accusative Humaniorem Humanius
Ablative Humaniore Humaniore
Vocative Humanior Humanius
Nominative Humaniores Humaniora
Genitive Humaniorum Humaniorum
Dative Humanioribus Humanioribus
Accusative Humaniores Humaniora
Ablative Humanioribus Humanioribus
Vocative Humaniores Humaniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Humanissima Humanissimus Humanissimum
Genitive Humanissimae Humanissimi Humanissimi
Dative Humanissimae Humanissimo Humanissimo
Accusative Humanissimam Humanissimum Humanissimum
Ablative Humanissima Humanissimo Humanissimo
Vocative Humanissima Humanissime Humanissimum
Nominative Humanissimae Humanissimi Humanissima
Genitive Humanissimarum Humanissimorum Humanissimorum
Dative Humanissimis Humanissimis Humanissimis
Accusative Humanissimas Humanissimos Humanissima
Ablative Humanissimis Humanissimis Humanissimis
Vocative Humanissimae Humanissimi Humanissima

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Translation Kind, humane; human
Adjective Forms Humanus, Humana, Humanum
Masculine Humanus
Feminine Humana
Neuter Humanum
Stem Human

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