Pleasing, grateful

Main Forms: Gratus, Grata, Gratum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Grata Gratus Gratum
Genitive Gratae Grati Grati
Dative Gratae Grato Grato
Accusative Gratam Gratum Gratum
Ablative Grata Grato Grato
Vocative Grata Grate Gratum
Nominative Gratae Grati Grata
Genitive Gratarum Gratorum Gratorum
Dative Gratis Gratis Gratis
Accusative Gratas Gratos Grata
Ablative Gratis Gratis Gratis
Vocative Gratae Grati Grata
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Gratior Gratius
Genitive Gratioris Gratioris
Dative Gratiori Gratiori
Accusative Gratiorem Gratius
Ablative Gratiore Gratiore
Vocative Gratior Gratius
Nominative Gratiores Gratiora
Genitive Gratiorum Gratiorum
Dative Gratioribus Gratioribus
Accusative Gratiores Gratiora
Ablative Gratioribus Gratioribus
Vocative Gratiores Gratiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Gratissima Gratissimus Gratissimum
Genitive Gratissimae Gratissimi Gratissimi
Dative Gratissimae Gratissimo Gratissimo
Accusative Gratissimam Gratissimum Gratissimum
Ablative Gratissima Gratissimo Gratissimo
Vocative Gratissima Gratissime Gratissimum
Nominative Gratissimae Gratissimi Gratissima
Genitive Gratissimarum Gratissimorum Gratissimorum
Dative Gratissimis Gratissimis Gratissimis
Accusative Gratissimas Gratissimos Gratissima
Ablative Gratissimis Gratissimis Gratissimis
Vocative Gratissimae Gratissimi Gratissima

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Translation Pleasing, grateful
Adjective Forms Gratus, Grata, Gratum
Masculine Gratus
Feminine Grata
Neuter Gratum
Stem Grat

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