Main Forms: Fractus, Fracta, Fractum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fracta Fractus Fractum
Genitive Fractae Fracti Fracti
Dative Fractae Fracto Fracto
Accusative Fractam Fractum Fractum
Ablative Fracta Fracto Fracto
Vocative Fracta Fracte Fractum
Nominative Fractae Fracti Fracta
Genitive Fractarum Fractorum Fractorum
Dative Fractis Fractis Fractis
Accusative Fractas Fractos Fracta
Ablative Fractis Fractis Fractis
Vocative Fractae Fracti Fracta
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fractior Fractius
Genitive Fractioris Fractioris
Dative Fractiori Fractiori
Accusative Fractiorem Fractius
Ablative Fractiore Fractiore
Vocative Fractior Fractius
Nominative Fractiores Fractiora
Genitive Fractiorum Fractiorum
Dative Fractioribus Fractioribus
Accusative Fractiores Fractiora
Ablative Fractioribus Fractioribus
Vocative Fractiores Fractiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fractissima Fractissimus Fractissimum
Genitive Fractissimae Fractissimi Fractissimi
Dative Fractissimae Fractissimo Fractissimo
Accusative Fractissimam Fractissimum Fractissimum
Ablative Fractissima Fractissimo Fractissimo
Vocative Fractissima Fractissime Fractissimum
Nominative Fractissimae Fractissimi Fractissima
Genitive Fractissimarum Fractissimorum Fractissimorum
Dative Fractissimis Fractissimis Fractissimis
Accusative Fractissimas Fractissimos Fractissima
Ablative Fractissimis Fractissimis Fractissimis
Vocative Fractissimae Fractissimi Fractissima

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Translation Broken
Adjective Forms Fractus, Fracta, Fractum
Masculine Fractus
Feminine Fracta
Neuter Fractum
Stem Fract

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