Brave, strong, powerful, courageous

Main Forms: Fortis, Forte

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fortis Forte
Genitive Fortis Fortis
Dative Forti Forti
Accusative Fortem Forte
Ablative Forti Forti
Vocative Fortis Forte
Nominative Fortes Fortia
Genitive Fortium Fortium
Dative Fortibus Fortibus
Accusative Fortes Fortia
Ablative Fortibus Fortibus
Vocative Fortes Fortia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fortior Fortius
Genitive Fortioris Fortioris
Dative Fortiori Fortiori
Accusative Fortiorem Fortius
Ablative Fortiore Fortiore
Vocative Fortior Fortius
Nominative Fortiores Fortiora
Genitive Fortiorum Fortiorum
Dative Fortioribus Fortioribus
Accusative Fortiores Fortiora
Ablative Fortioribus Fortioribus
Vocative Fortiores Fortiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fortissima Fortissimus Fortissimum
Genitive Fortissimae Fortissimi Fortissimi
Dative Fortissimae Fortissimo Fortissimo
Accusative Fortissimam Fortissimum Fortissimum
Ablative Fortissima Fortissimo Fortissimo
Vocative Fortissima Fortissime Fortissimum
Nominative Fortissimae Fortissimi Fortissima
Genitive Fortissimarum Fortissimorum Fortissimorum
Dative Fortissimis Fortissimis Fortissimis
Accusative Fortissimas Fortissimos Fortissima
Ablative Fortissimis Fortissimis Fortissimis
Vocative Fortissimae Fortissimi Fortissima

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Translation Brave, strong, powerful, courageous
Adjective Forms Fortis, Forte
Masculine Fortis
Feminine Fortis
Neuter Forte
Stem Fort

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