Faithful, loyal

Main Forms: Fidelis, Fidele

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fidelis Fidele
Genitive Fidelis Fidelis
Dative Fideli Fideli
Accusative Fidelem Fidele
Ablative Fideli Fideli
Vocative Fidelis Fidele
Nominative Fideles Fidelia
Genitive Fidelium Fidelium
Dative Fidelibus Fidelibus
Accusative Fideles Fidelia
Ablative Fidelibus Fidelibus
Vocative Fideles Fidelia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fidelior Fidelius
Genitive Fidelioris Fidelioris
Dative Fideliori Fideliori
Accusative Fideliorem Fidelius
Ablative Fideliore Fideliore
Vocative Fidelior Fidelius
Nominative Fideliores Fideliora
Genitive Fideliorum Fideliorum
Dative Fidelioribus Fidelioribus
Accusative Fideliores Fideliora
Ablative Fidelioribus Fidelioribus
Vocative Fideliores Fideliora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fidelissima Fidelissimus Fidelissimum
Genitive Fidelissimae Fidelissimi Fidelissimi
Dative Fidelissimae Fidelissimo Fidelissimo
Accusative Fidelissimam Fidelissimum Fidelissimum
Ablative Fidelissima Fidelissimo Fidelissimo
Vocative Fidelissima Fidelissime Fidelissimum
Nominative Fidelissimae Fidelissimi Fidelissima
Genitive Fidelissimarum Fidelissimorum Fidelissimorum
Dative Fidelissimis Fidelissimis Fidelissimis
Accusative Fidelissimas Fidelissimos Fidelissima
Ablative Fidelissimis Fidelissimis Fidelissimis
Vocative Fidelissimae Fidelissimi Fidelissima

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Translation Faithful, loyal
Adjective Forms Fidelis, Fidele
Masculine Fidelis
Feminine Fidelis
Neuter Fidele
Stem Fidel

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