Tired, exausted

Main Forms: Fessus, Fessa, Fessum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fessa Fessus Fessum
Genitive Fessae Fessi Fessi
Dative Fessae Fesso Fesso
Accusative Fessam Fessum Fessum
Ablative Fessa Fesso Fesso
Vocative Fessa Fesse Fessum
Nominative Fessae Fessi Fessa
Genitive Fessarum Fessorum Fessorum
Dative Fessis Fessis Fessis
Accusative Fessas Fessos Fessa
Ablative Fessis Fessis Fessis
Vocative Fessae Fessi Fessa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fessior Fessius
Genitive Fessioris Fessioris
Dative Fessiori Fessiori
Accusative Fessiorem Fessius
Ablative Fessiore Fessiore
Vocative Fessior Fessius
Nominative Fessiores Fessiora
Genitive Fessiorum Fessiorum
Dative Fessioribus Fessioribus
Accusative Fessiores Fessiora
Ablative Fessioribus Fessioribus
Vocative Fessiores Fessiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fessissima Fessissimus Fessissimum
Genitive Fessissimae Fessissimi Fessissimi
Dative Fessissimae Fessissimo Fessissimo
Accusative Fessissimam Fessissimum Fessissimum
Ablative Fessissima Fessissimo Fessissimo
Vocative Fessissima Fessissime Fessissimum
Nominative Fessissimae Fessissimi Fessissima
Genitive Fessissimarum Fessissimorum Fessissimorum
Dative Fessissimis Fessissimis Fessissimis
Accusative Fessissimas Fessissimos Fessissima
Ablative Fessissimis Fessissimis Fessissimis
Vocative Fessissimae Fessissimi Fessissima

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Translation Tired, exausted
Adjective Forms Fessus, Fessa, Fessum
Masculine Fessus
Feminine Fessa
Neuter Fessum
Stem Fess

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