Fierce, wild, savage

Main Forms: Ferox, Ferocis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Ferox Ferox
Genitive Ferocis Ferocis
Dative Feroci Feroci
Accusative Ferocem Ferox
Ablative Feroci Feroci
Vocative Ferox Ferox
Nominative Feroces Ferocia
Genitive Ferocium Ferocium
Dative Ferocibus Ferocibus
Accusative Feroces Ferocia
Ablative Ferocibus Ferocibus
Vocative Feroces Ferocia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Ferocior Ferocius
Genitive Ferocioris Ferocioris
Dative Ferociori Ferociori
Accusative Ferociorem Ferocius
Ablative Ferociore Ferociore
Vocative Ferocior Ferocius
Nominative Ferociores Ferociora
Genitive Ferociorum Ferociorum
Dative Ferocioribus Ferocioribus
Accusative Ferociores Ferociora
Ablative Ferocioribus Ferocioribus
Vocative Ferociores Ferociora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Ferocissima Ferocissimus Ferocissimum
Genitive Ferocissimae Ferocissimi Ferocissimi
Dative Ferocissimae Ferocissimo Ferocissimo
Accusative Ferocissimam Ferocissimum Ferocissimum
Ablative Ferocissima Ferocissimo Ferocissimo
Vocative Ferocissima Ferocissime Ferocissimum
Nominative Ferocissimae Ferocissimi Ferocissima
Genitive Ferocissimarum Ferocissimorum Ferocissimorum
Dative Ferocissimis Ferocissimis Ferocissimis
Accusative Ferocissimas Ferocissimos Ferocissima
Ablative Ferocissimis Ferocissimis Ferocissimis
Vocative Ferocissimae Ferocissimi Ferocissima

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Translation Fierce, wild, savage
Adjective Forms Ferox, Ferocis
Masculine Ferox
Feminine Ferox
Neuter Ferox
Stem Feroc

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