Fabulous (from a story)

Main Forms: Fabulosus, Fabulosa, Fabulosum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fabulosa Fabulosus Fabulosum
Genitive Fabulosae Fabulosi Fabulosi
Dative Fabulosae Fabuloso Fabuloso
Accusative Fabulosam Fabulosum Fabulosum
Ablative Fabulosa Fabuloso Fabuloso
Vocative Fabulosa Fabulose Fabulosum
Nominative Fabulosae Fabulosi Fabulosa
Genitive Fabulosarum Fabulosorum Fabulosorum
Dative Fabulosis Fabulosis Fabulosis
Accusative Fabulosas Fabulosos Fabulosa
Ablative Fabulosis Fabulosis Fabulosis
Vocative Fabulosae Fabulosi Fabulosa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Fabulosior Fabulosius
Genitive Fabulosioris Fabulosioris
Dative Fabulosiori Fabulosiori
Accusative Fabulosiorem Fabulosius
Ablative Fabulosiore Fabulosiore
Vocative Fabulosior Fabulosius
Nominative Fabulosiores Fabulosiora
Genitive Fabulosiorum Fabulosiorum
Dative Fabulosioribus Fabulosioribus
Accusative Fabulosiores Fabulosiora
Ablative Fabulosioribus Fabulosioribus
Vocative Fabulosiores Fabulosiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Fabulosissima Fabulosissimus Fabulosissimum
Genitive Fabulosissimae Fabulosissimi Fabulosissimi
Dative Fabulosissimae Fabulosissimo Fabulosissimo
Accusative Fabulosissimam Fabulosissimum Fabulosissimum
Ablative Fabulosissima Fabulosissimo Fabulosissimo
Vocative Fabulosissima Fabulosissime Fabulosissimum
Nominative Fabulosissimae Fabulosissimi Fabulosissima
Genitive Fabulosissimarum Fabulosissimorum Fabulosissimorum
Dative Fabulosissimis Fabulosissimis Fabulosissimis
Accusative Fabulosissimas Fabulosissimos Fabulosissima
Ablative Fabulosissimis Fabulosissimis Fabulosissimis
Vocative Fabulosissimae Fabulosissimi Fabulosissima

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Translation Fabulous (from a story)
Adjective Forms Fabulosus, Fabulosa, Fabulosum
Masculine Fabulosus
Feminine Fabulosa
Neuter Fabulosum
Stem Fabulos

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