Main Forms: Erbius, Erbia, Erbium

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Erbia Erbius Erbium
Genitive Erbiae Erbii Erbii
Dative Erbiae Erbio Erbio
Accusative Erbiam Erbium Erbium
Ablative Erbia Erbio Erbio
Vocative Erbia Erbii Erbium
Nominative Erbiae Erbii Erbia
Genitive Erbiarum Erbiorum Erbiorum
Dative Erbiis Erbiis Erbiis
Accusative Erbias Erbios Erbia
Ablative Erbiis Erbiis Erbiis
Vocative Erbiae Erbii Erbia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Erbiior Erbiius
Genitive Erbiioris Erbiioris
Dative Erbiiori Erbiiori
Accusative Erbiiorem Erbiius
Ablative Erbiiore Erbiiore
Vocative Erbiior Erbiius
Nominative Erbiiores Erbiiora
Genitive Erbiiorum Erbiiorum
Dative Erbiioribus Erbiioribus
Accusative Erbiiores Erbiiora
Ablative Erbiioribus Erbiioribus
Vocative Erbiiores Erbiiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Erbiissima Erbiissimus Erbiissimum
Genitive Erbiissimae Erbiissimi Erbiissimi
Dative Erbiissimae Erbiissimo Erbiissimo
Accusative Erbiissimam Erbiissimum Erbiissimum
Ablative Erbiissima Erbiissimo Erbiissimo
Vocative Erbiissima Erbiissime Erbiissimum
Nominative Erbiissimae Erbiissimi Erbiissima
Genitive Erbiissimarum Erbiissimorum Erbiissimorum
Dative Erbiissimis Erbiissimis Erbiissimis
Accusative Erbiissimas Erbiissimos Erbiissima
Ablative Erbiissimis Erbiissimis Erbiissimis
Vocative Erbiissimae Erbiissimi Erbiissima

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Translation Drunk
Adjective Forms Erbius, Erbia, Erbium
Masculine Erbius
Feminine Erbia
Neuter Erbium
Stem Erbi

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Voc. Singular ending i

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