Drunk, intoxicated

Main Forms: Ebrius, Ebrium, Ebria

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Ebria Ebrius Ebrium
Genitive Ebriae Ebrii Ebrii
Dative Ebriae Ebrio Ebrio
Accusative Ebriam Ebrium Ebrium
Ablative Ebria Ebrio Ebrio
Vocative Ebria Ebrii Ebrium
Nominative Ebriae Ebrii Ebria
Genitive Ebriarum Ebriorum Ebriorum
Dative Ebriis Ebriis Ebriis
Accusative Ebrias Ebrios Ebria
Ablative Ebriis Ebriis Ebriis
Vocative Ebriae Ebrii Ebria
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Ebriior Ebriius
Genitive Ebriioris Ebriioris
Dative Ebriiori Ebriiori
Accusative Ebriiorem Ebriius
Ablative Ebriiore Ebriiore
Vocative Ebriior Ebriius
Nominative Ebriiores Ebriiora
Genitive Ebriiorum Ebriiorum
Dative Ebriioribus Ebriioribus
Accusative Ebriiores Ebriiora
Ablative Ebriioribus Ebriioribus
Vocative Ebriiores Ebriiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Ebriissima Ebriissimus Ebriissimum
Genitive Ebriissimae Ebriissimi Ebriissimi
Dative Ebriissimae Ebriissimo Ebriissimo
Accusative Ebriissimam Ebriissimum Ebriissimum
Ablative Ebriissima Ebriissimo Ebriissimo
Vocative Ebriissima Ebriissime Ebriissimum
Nominative Ebriissimae Ebriissimi Ebriissima
Genitive Ebriissimarum Ebriissimorum Ebriissimorum
Dative Ebriissimis Ebriissimis Ebriissimis
Accusative Ebriissimas Ebriissimos Ebriissima
Ablative Ebriissimis Ebriissimis Ebriissimis
Vocative Ebriissimae Ebriissimi Ebriissima

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Translation Drunk, intoxicated
Adjective Forms Ebrius, Ebrium, Ebria
Masculine Ebrius
Feminine Ebria
Neuter Ebrium
Stem Ebri

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Voc. Singular ending i

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Adjective Table

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
nominative ēbrius ēbria ēbrium ēbriī ēbriae ēbria
genitive ēbriī ēbriae ēbriī ēbriōrum ēbriārum ēbriōrum
dative ēbriō ēbriō ēbriīs
accusative ēbrium ēbriam ēbrium ēbriōs ēbriās ēbria
ablative ēbriō ēbriā ēbriō ēbriīs
vocative ēbrie ēbria ēbrium ēbriī ēbriae ēbria

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