Doubtful, unsure

Main Forms: Dubius, Dubia, Dubium

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Dubia Dubius Dubium
Genitive Dubiae Dubii Dubii
Dative Dubiae Dubio Dubio
Accusative Dubiam Dubium Dubium
Ablative Dubia Dubio Dubio
Vocative Dubia Dubii Dubium
Nominative Dubiae Dubii Dubia
Genitive Dubiarum Dubiorum Dubiorum
Dative Dubiis Dubiis Dubiis
Accusative Dubias Dubios Dubia
Ablative Dubiis Dubiis Dubiis
Vocative Dubiae Dubii Dubia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Dubiior Dubiius
Genitive Dubiioris Dubiioris
Dative Dubiiori Dubiiori
Accusative Dubiiorem Dubiius
Ablative Dubiiore Dubiiore
Vocative Dubiior Dubiius
Nominative Dubiiores Dubiiora
Genitive Dubiiorum Dubiiorum
Dative Dubiioribus Dubiioribus
Accusative Dubiiores Dubiiora
Ablative Dubiioribus Dubiioribus
Vocative Dubiiores Dubiiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Dubiissima Dubiissimus Dubiissimum
Genitive Dubiissimae Dubiissimi Dubiissimi
Dative Dubiissimae Dubiissimo Dubiissimo
Accusative Dubiissimam Dubiissimum Dubiissimum
Ablative Dubiissima Dubiissimo Dubiissimo
Vocative Dubiissima Dubiissime Dubiissimum
Nominative Dubiissimae Dubiissimi Dubiissima
Genitive Dubiissimarum Dubiissimorum Dubiissimorum
Dative Dubiissimis Dubiissimis Dubiissimis
Accusative Dubiissimas Dubiissimos Dubiissima
Ablative Dubiissimis Dubiissimis Dubiissimis
Vocative Dubiissimae Dubiissimi Dubiissima

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Translation Doubtful, unsure
Adjective Forms Dubius, Dubia, Dubium
Masculine Dubius
Feminine Dubia
Neuter Dubium
Stem Dubi

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Voc. Singular ending i

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