Main Forms: Divinus, Divina, Divinum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Divina Divinus Divinum
Genitive Divinae Divini Divini
Dative Divinae Divino Divino
Accusative Divinam Divinum Divinum
Ablative Divina Divino Divino
Vocative Divina Divine Divinum
Nominative Divinae Divini Divina
Genitive Divinarum Divinorum Divinorum
Dative Divinis Divinis Divinis
Accusative Divinas Divinos Divina
Ablative Divinis Divinis Divinis
Vocative Divinae Divini Divina
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Divinior Divinius
Genitive Divinioris Divinioris
Dative Diviniori Diviniori
Accusative Diviniorem Divinius
Ablative Diviniore Diviniore
Vocative Divinior Divinius
Nominative Diviniores Diviniora
Genitive Diviniorum Diviniorum
Dative Divinioribus Divinioribus
Accusative Diviniores Diviniora
Ablative Divinioribus Divinioribus
Vocative Diviniores Diviniora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Divinissima Divinissimus Divinissimum
Genitive Divinissimae Divinissimi Divinissimi
Dative Divinissimae Divinissimo Divinissimo
Accusative Divinissimam Divinissimum Divinissimum
Ablative Divinissima Divinissimo Divinissimo
Vocative Divinissima Divinissime Divinissimum
Nominative Divinissimae Divinissimi Divinissima
Genitive Divinissimarum Divinissimorum Divinissimorum
Dative Divinissimis Divinissimis Divinissimis
Accusative Divinissimas Divinissimos Divinissima
Ablative Divinissimis Divinissimis Divinissimis
Vocative Divinissimae Divinissimi Divinissima

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Translation Divine
Adjective Forms Divinus, Divina, Divinum
Masculine Divinus
Feminine Divina
Neuter Divinum
Stem Divin

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