Of a different color

Main Forms: Discolor, Discoloris

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Discolor Discolor
Genitive Discoloris Discoloris
Dative Discolori Discolori
Accusative Discolorem Discolor
Ablative Discolori Discolori
Vocative Discolor Discolor
Nominative Discolores Discoloria
Genitive Discolorium Discolorium
Dative Discoloribus Discoloribus
Accusative Discolores Discoloria
Ablative Discoloribus Discoloribus
Vocative Discolores Discoloria
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Discolorior Discolorius
Genitive Discolorioris Discolorioris
Dative Discoloriori Discoloriori
Accusative Discoloriorem Discolorius
Ablative Discoloriore Discoloriore
Vocative Discolorior Discolorius
Nominative Discoloriores Discoloriora
Genitive Discoloriorum Discoloriorum
Dative Discolorioribus Discolorioribus
Accusative Discoloriores Discoloriora
Ablative Discolorioribus Discolorioribus
Vocative Discoloriores Discoloriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Discolorrima Discolorrimus Discolorrimum
Genitive Discolorrimae Discolorrimi Discolorrimi
Dative Discolorrimae Discolorrimo Discolorrimo
Accusative Discolorrimam Discolorrimum Discolorrimum
Ablative Discolorrima Discolorrimo Discolorrimo
Vocative Discolorrima Discolorrime Discolorrimum
Nominative Discolorrimae Discolorrimi Discolorrima
Genitive Discolorrimarum Discolorrimorum Discolorrimorum
Dative Discolorrimis Discolorrimis Discolorrimis
Accusative Discolorrimas Discolorrimos Discolorrima
Ablative Discolorrimis Discolorrimis Discolorrimis
Vocative Discolorrimae Discolorrimi Discolorrima

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Translation Of a different color
Adjective Forms Discolor, Discoloris
Masculine Discolor
Feminine Discolor
Neuter Discolor
Stem Discolor

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