careful, diligent

Main Forms: diligens, diligentis

Positive Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative diligens diligens
Genitive diligentis diligentis
Dative diligenti diligenti
Accusative diligentem diligens
Ablative diligenti diligenti
Vocative diligens diligens
Nominative diligentes diligentia
Genitive diligentium diligentium
Dative diligentibus diligentibus
Accusative diligentes diligentia
Ablative diligentibus diligentibus
Vocative diligentes diligentia
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative diligentior diligentius
Genitive diligentioris diligentioris
Dative diligentiori diligentiori
Accusative diligentiorem diligentius
Ablative diligentiore diligentiore
Vocative diligentior diligentius
Nominative diligentiores diligentiora
Genitive diligentiorum diligentiorum
Dative diligentioribus diligentioribus
Accusative diligentiores diligentiora
Ablative diligentioribus diligentioribus
Vocative diligentiores diligentiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative diligentissima diligentissimus diligentissimum
Genitive diligentissimae diligentissimi diligentissimi
Dative diligentissimae diligentissimo diligentissimo
Accusative diligentissimam diligentissimum diligentissimum
Ablative diligentissima diligentissimo diligentissimo
Vocative diligentissima diligentissime diligentissimum
Nominative diligentissimae diligentissimi diligentissima
Genitive diligentissimarum diligentissimorum diligentissimorum
Dative diligentissimis diligentissimis diligentissimis
Accusative diligentissimas diligentissimos diligentissima
Ablative diligentissimis diligentissimis diligentissimis
Vocative diligentissimae diligentissimi diligentissima

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Translation careful, diligent
Adjective Forms diligens, diligentis
Masculine diligens
Feminine diligens
Neuter diligens
Stem diligent

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