Right (hand); skillful

Main Forms: Dexter, Dextra, Dextrum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Dextra Dexter Dextrum
Genitive Dextrae Dextri Dextri
Dative Dextrae Dextro Dextro
Accusative Dextram Dextrum Dextrum
Ablative Dextra Dextro Dextro
Vocative Dextra Dextre Dextrum
Nominative Dextrae Dextri Dextra
Genitive Dextrarum Dextrorum Dextrorum
Dative Dextris Dextris Dextris
Accusative Dextras Dextros Dextra
Ablative Dextris Dextris Dextris
Vocative Dextrae Dextri Dextra
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Dextrior Dextrius
Genitive Dextrioris Dextrioris
Dative Dextriori Dextriori
Accusative Dextriorem Dextrius
Ablative Dextriore Dextriore
Vocative Dextrior Dextrius
Nominative Dextriores Dextriora
Genitive Dextriorum Dextriorum
Dative Dextrioribus Dextrioribus
Accusative Dextriores Dextriora
Ablative Dextrioribus Dextrioribus
Vocative Dextriores Dextriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Dextrissima Dextrissimus Dextrissimum
Genitive Dextrissimae Dextrissimi Dextrissimi
Dative Dextrissimae Dextrissimo Dextrissimo
Accusative Dextrissimam Dextrissimum Dextrissimum
Ablative Dextrissima Dextrissimo Dextrissimo
Vocative Dextrissima Dextrissime Dextrissimum
Nominative Dextrissimae Dextrissimi Dextrissima
Genitive Dextrissimarum Dextrissimorum Dextrissimorum
Dative Dextrissimis Dextrissimis Dextrissimis
Accusative Dextrissimas Dextrissimos Dextrissima
Ablative Dextrissimis Dextrissimis Dextrissimis
Vocative Dextrissimae Dextrissimi Dextrissima

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Translation Right (hand); skillful
Adjective Forms Dexter, Dextra, Dextrum
Masculine Dexter
Feminine Dextra
Neuter Dextrum
Stem Dextr

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