Exhausted, tired

Main Forms: Defessus, Defessa, Defessum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Defessa Defessus Defessum
Genitive Defessae Defessi Defessi
Dative Defessae Defesso Defesso
Accusative Defessam Defessum Defessum
Ablative Defessa Defesso Defesso
Vocative Defessa Defesse Defessum
Nominative Defessae Defessi Defessa
Genitive Defessarum Defessorum Defessorum
Dative Defessis Defessis Defessis
Accusative Defessas Defessos Defessa
Ablative Defessis Defessis Defessis
Vocative Defessae Defessi Defessa
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Defessior Defessius
Genitive Defessioris Defessioris
Dative Defessiori Defessiori
Accusative Defessiorem Defessius
Ablative Defessiore Defessiore
Vocative Defessior Defessius
Nominative Defessiores Defessiora
Genitive Defessiorum Defessiorum
Dative Defessioribus Defessioribus
Accusative Defessiores Defessiora
Ablative Defessioribus Defessioribus
Vocative Defessiores Defessiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Defessissima Defessissimus Defessissimum
Genitive Defessissimae Defessissimi Defessissimi
Dative Defessissimae Defessissimo Defessissimo
Accusative Defessissimam Defessissimum Defessissimum
Ablative Defessissima Defessissimo Defessissimo
Vocative Defessissima Defessissime Defessissimum
Nominative Defessissimae Defessissimi Defessissima
Genitive Defessissimarum Defessissimorum Defessissimorum
Dative Defessissimis Defessissimis Defessissimis
Accusative Defessissimas Defessissimos Defessissima
Ablative Defessissimis Defessissimis Defessissimis
Vocative Defessissimae Defessissimi Defessissima

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Translation Exhausted, tired
Adjective Forms Defessus, Defessa, Defessum
Masculine Defessus
Feminine Defessa
Neuter Defessum
Stem Defess

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Voc. Singular ending e

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