Bent, curved

Main Forms: Curvus, Curva, Curvum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Curva Curvus Curvum
Genitive Curvae Curvi Curvi
Dative Curvae Curvo Curvo
Accusative Curvam Curvum Curvum
Ablative Curva Curvo Curvo
Vocative Curva Curve Curvum
Nominative Curvae Curvi Curva
Genitive Curvarum Curvorum Curvorum
Dative Curvis Curvis Curvis
Accusative Curvas Curvos Curva
Ablative Curvis Curvis Curvis
Vocative Curvae Curvi Curva
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Curvior Curvius
Genitive Curvioris Curvioris
Dative Curviori Curviori
Accusative Curviorem Curvius
Ablative Curviore Curviore
Vocative Curvior Curvius
Nominative Curviores Curviora
Genitive Curviorum Curviorum
Dative Curvioribus Curvioribus
Accusative Curviores Curviora
Ablative Curvioribus Curvioribus
Vocative Curviores Curviora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Curvissima Curvissimus Curvissimum
Genitive Curvissimae Curvissimi Curvissimi
Dative Curvissimae Curvissimo Curvissimo
Accusative Curvissimam Curvissimum Curvissimum
Ablative Curvissima Curvissimo Curvissimo
Vocative Curvissima Curvissime Curvissimum
Nominative Curvissimae Curvissimi Curvissima
Genitive Curvissimarum Curvissimorum Curvissimorum
Dative Curvissimis Curvissimis Curvissimis
Accusative Curvissimas Curvissimos Curvissima
Ablative Curvissimis Curvissimis Curvissimis
Vocative Curvissimae Curvissimi Curvissima

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Translation Bent, curved
Adjective Forms Curvus, Curva, Curvum
Masculine Curvus
Feminine Curva
Neuter Curvum
Stem Curv

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