Content, comfortable

Main Forms: Contentus, Contenta, Contentum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Contenta Contentus Contentum
Genitive Contentae Contenti Contenti
Dative Contentae Contento Contento
Accusative Contentam Contentum Contentum
Ablative Contenta Contento Contento
Vocative Contenta Contente Contentum
Nominative Contentae Contenti Contenta
Genitive Contentarum Contentorum Contentorum
Dative Contentis Contentis Contentis
Accusative Contentas Contentos Contenta
Ablative Contentis Contentis Contentis
Vocative Contentae Contenti Contenta
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Contentior Contentius
Genitive Contentioris Contentioris
Dative Contentiori Contentiori
Accusative Contentiorem Contentius
Ablative Contentiore Contentiore
Vocative Contentior Contentius
Nominative Contentiores Contentiora
Genitive Contentiorum Contentiorum
Dative Contentioribus Contentioribus
Accusative Contentiores Contentiora
Ablative Contentioribus Contentioribus
Vocative Contentiores Contentiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Contentissima Contentissimus Contentissimum
Genitive Contentissimae Contentissimi Contentissimi
Dative Contentissimae Contentissimo Contentissimo
Accusative Contentissimam Contentissimum Contentissimum
Ablative Contentissima Contentissimo Contentissimo
Vocative Contentissima Contentissime Contentissimum
Nominative Contentissimae Contentissimi Contentissima
Genitive Contentissimarum Contentissimorum Contentissimorum
Dative Contentissimis Contentissimis Contentissimis
Accusative Contentissimas Contentissimos Contentissima
Ablative Contentissimis Contentissimis Contentissimis
Vocative Contentissimae Contentissimi Contentissima

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Translation Content, comfortable
Adjective Forms Contentus, Contenta, Contentum
Masculine Contentus
Feminine Contenta
Neuter Contentum
Stem Content

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