Clear, bright, shining, famous

Main Forms: Clarus, Clara, Clarum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Clara Clarus Clarum
Genitive Clarae Clari Clari
Dative Clarae Claro Claro
Accusative Claram Clarum Clarum
Ablative Clara Claro Claro
Vocative Clara Clare Clarum
Nominative Clarae Clari Clara
Genitive Clararum Clarorum Clarorum
Dative Claris Claris Claris
Accusative Claras Claros Clara
Ablative Claris Claris Claris
Vocative Clarae Clari Clara
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Clarior Clarius
Genitive Clarioris Clarioris
Dative Clariori Clariori
Accusative Clariorem Clarius
Ablative Clariore Clariore
Vocative Clarior Clarius
Nominative Clariores Clariora
Genitive Clariorum Clariorum
Dative Clarioribus Clarioribus
Accusative Clariores Clariora
Ablative Clarioribus Clarioribus
Vocative Clariores Clariora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Clarissima Clarissimus Clarissimum
Genitive Clarissimae Clarissimi Clarissimi
Dative Clarissimae Clarissimo Clarissimo
Accusative Clarissimam Clarissimum Clarissimum
Ablative Clarissima Clarissimo Clarissimo
Vocative Clarissima Clarissime Clarissimum
Nominative Clarissimae Clarissimi Clarissima
Genitive Clarissimarum Clarissimorum Clarissimorum
Dative Clarissimis Clarissimis Clarissimis
Accusative Clarissimas Clarissimos Clarissima
Ablative Clarissimis Clarissimis Clarissimis
Vocative Clarissimae Clarissimi Clarissima

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Translation Clear, bright, shining, famous
Adjective Forms Clarus, Clara, Clarum
Masculine Clarus
Feminine Clara
Neuter Clarum
Stem Clar

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