Dear, expensive

Main Forms: Carus, Cara, Carum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Cara Carus Carum
Genitive Carae Cari Cari
Dative Carae Caro Caro
Accusative Caram Carum Carum
Ablative Cara Caro Caro
Vocative Cara Care Carum
Nominative Carae Cari Cara
Genitive Cararum Carorum Carorum
Dative Caris Caris Caris
Accusative Caras Caros Cara
Ablative Caris Caris Caris
Vocative Carae Cari Cara
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Carior Carius
Genitive Carioris Carioris
Dative Cariori Cariori
Accusative Cariorem Carius
Ablative Cariore Cariore
Vocative Carior Carius
Nominative Cariores Cariora
Genitive Cariorum Cariorum
Dative Carioribus Carioribus
Accusative Cariores Cariora
Ablative Carioribus Carioribus
Vocative Cariores Cariora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Carissima Carissimus Carissimum
Genitive Carissimae Carissimi Carissimi
Dative Carissimae Carissimo Carissimo
Accusative Carissimam Carissimum Carissimum
Ablative Carissima Carissimo Carissimo
Vocative Carissima Carissime Carissimum
Nominative Carissimae Carissimi Carissima
Genitive Carissimarum Carissimorum Carissimorum
Dative Carissimis Carissimis Carissimis
Accusative Carissimas Carissimos Carissima
Ablative Carissimis Carissimis Carissimis
Vocative Carissimae Carissimi Carissima

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Translation Dear, expensive
Adjective Forms Carus, Cara, Carum
Masculine Carus
Feminine Cara
Neuter Carum
Stem Car

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