Shining, bright, white, beautiful

Main Forms: Candidus, Candida, Candidum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Candida Candidus Candidum
Genitive Candidae Candidi Candidi
Dative Candidae Candido Candido
Accusative Candidam Candidum Candidum
Ablative Candida Candido Candido
Vocative Candida Candide Candidum
Nominative Candidae Candidi Candida
Genitive Candidarum Candidorum Candidorum
Dative Candidis Candidis Candidis
Accusative Candidas Candidos Candida
Ablative Candidis Candidis Candidis
Vocative Candidae Candidi Candida
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Candidior Candidius
Genitive Candidioris Candidioris
Dative Candidiori Candidiori
Accusative Candidiorem Candidius
Ablative Candidiore Candidiore
Vocative Candidior Candidius
Nominative Candidiores Candidiora
Genitive Candidiorum Candidiorum
Dative Candidioribus Candidioribus
Accusative Candidiores Candidiora
Ablative Candidioribus Candidioribus
Vocative Candidiores Candidiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Candidissima Candidissimus Candidissimum
Genitive Candidissimae Candidissimi Candidissimi
Dative Candidissimae Candidissimo Candidissimo
Accusative Candidissimam Candidissimum Candidissimum
Ablative Candidissima Candidissimo Candidissimo
Vocative Candidissima Candidissime Candidissimum
Nominative Candidissimae Candidissimi Candidissima
Genitive Candidissimarum Candidissimorum Candidissimorum
Dative Candidissimis Candidissimis Candidissimis
Accusative Candidissimas Candidissimos Candidissima
Ablative Candidissimis Candidissimis Candidissimis
Vocative Candidissimae Candidissimi Candidissima

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Translation Shining, bright, white, beautiful
Adjective Forms Candidus, Candida, Candidum
Masculine Candidus
Feminine Candida
Neuter Candidum
Stem Candid

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