Blind; secret, dark

Main Forms: Caecus, Caeca, Caecum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Caeca Caecus Caecum
Genitive Caecae Caeci Caeci
Dative Caecae Caeco Caeco
Accusative Caecam Caecum Caecum
Ablative Caeca Caeco Caeco
Vocative Caeca Caece Caecum
Nominative Caecae Caeci Caeca
Genitive Caecarum Caecorum Caecorum
Dative Caecis Caecis Caecis
Accusative Caecas Caecos Caeca
Ablative Caecis Caecis Caecis
Vocative Caecae Caeci Caeca
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Caecior Caecius
Genitive Caecioris Caecioris
Dative Caeciori Caeciori
Accusative Caeciorem Caecius
Ablative Caeciore Caeciore
Vocative Caecior Caecius
Nominative Caeciores Caeciora
Genitive Caeciorum Caeciorum
Dative Caecioribus Caecioribus
Accusative Caeciores Caeciora
Ablative Caecioribus Caecioribus
Vocative Caeciores Caeciora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Caecissima Caecissimus Caecissimum
Genitive Caecissimae Caecissimi Caecissimi
Dative Caecissimae Caecissimo Caecissimo
Accusative Caecissimam Caecissimum Caecissimum
Ablative Caecissima Caecissimo Caecissimo
Vocative Caecissima Caecissime Caecissimum
Nominative Caecissimae Caecissimi Caecissima
Genitive Caecissimarum Caecissimorum Caecissimorum
Dative Caecissimis Caecissimis Caecissimis
Accusative Caecissimas Caecissimos Caecissima
Ablative Caecissimis Caecissimis Caecissimis
Vocative Caecissimae Caecissimi Caecissima

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Translation Blind; secret, dark
Adjective Forms Caecus, Caeca, Caecum
Masculine Caecus
Feminine Caeca
Neuter Caecum
Stem Caec

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