Pleasant, pretty, handsome

Main Forms: Bellus, Bella, Bellum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Bella Bellus Bellum
Genitive Bellae Belli Belli
Dative Bellae Bello Bello
Accusative Bellam Bellum Bellum
Ablative Bella Bello Bello
Vocative Bella Belle Bellum
Nominative Bellae Belli Bella
Genitive Bellarum Bellorum Bellorum
Dative Bellis Bellis Bellis
Accusative Bellas Bellos Bella
Ablative Bellis Bellis Bellis
Vocative Bellae Belli Bella
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Bellior Bellius
Genitive Bellioris Bellioris
Dative Belliori Belliori
Accusative Belliorem Bellius
Ablative Belliore Belliore
Vocative Bellior Bellius
Nominative Belliores Belliora
Genitive Belliorum Belliorum
Dative Bellioribus Bellioribus
Accusative Belliores Belliora
Ablative Bellioribus Bellioribus
Vocative Belliores Belliora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Bellissima Bellissimus Bellissimum
Genitive Bellissimae Bellissimi Bellissimi
Dative Bellissimae Bellissimo Bellissimo
Accusative Bellissimam Bellissimum Bellissimum
Ablative Bellissima Bellissimo Bellissimo
Vocative Bellissima Bellissime Bellissimum
Nominative Bellissimae Bellissimi Bellissima
Genitive Bellissimarum Bellissimorum Bellissimorum
Dative Bellissimis Bellissimis Bellissimis
Accusative Bellissimas Bellissimos Bellissima
Ablative Bellissimis Bellissimis Bellissimis
Vocative Bellissimae Bellissimi Bellissima

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Translation Pleasant, pretty, handsome
Adjective Forms Bellus, Bella, Bellum
Masculine Bellus
Feminine Bella
Neuter Bellum
Stem Bell

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