Happy, fortunate, prosperous

Main Forms: Beatus, Beata, Beatum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Beata Beatus Beatum
Genitive Beatae Beati Beati
Dative Beatae Beato Beato
Accusative Beatam Beatum Beatum
Ablative Beata Beato Beato
Vocative Beata Beate Beatum
Nominative Beatae Beati Beata
Genitive Beatarum Beatorum Beatorum
Dative Beatis Beatis Beatis
Accusative Beatas Beatos Beata
Ablative Beatis Beatis Beatis
Vocative Beatae Beati Beata
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Beatior Beatius
Genitive Beatioris Beatioris
Dative Beatiori Beatiori
Accusative Beatiorem Beatius
Ablative Beatiore Beatiore
Vocative Beatior Beatius
Nominative Beatiores Beatiora
Genitive Beatiorum Beatiorum
Dative Beatioribus Beatioribus
Accusative Beatiores Beatiora
Ablative Beatioribus Beatioribus
Vocative Beatiores Beatiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Beatissima Beatissimus Beatissimum
Genitive Beatissimae Beatissimi Beatissimi
Dative Beatissimae Beatissimo Beatissimo
Accusative Beatissimam Beatissimum Beatissimum
Ablative Beatissima Beatissimo Beatissimo
Vocative Beatissima Beatissime Beatissimum
Nominative Beatissimae Beatissimi Beatissima
Genitive Beatissimarum Beatissimorum Beatissimorum
Dative Beatissimis Beatissimis Beatissimis
Accusative Beatissimas Beatissimos Beatissima
Ablative Beatissimis Beatissimis Beatissimis
Vocative Beatissimae Beatissimi Beatissima

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Translation Happy, fortunate, prosperous
Adjective Forms Beatus, Beata, Beatum
Masculine Beatus
Feminine Beata
Neuter Beatum
Stem Beat

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Voc. Singular ending e

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