Astonished, awestruck

Main Forms: Attonitus, Attonita, Attonitum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Attonita Attonitus Attonitum
Genitive Attonitae Attoniti Attoniti
Dative Attonitae Attonito Attonito
Accusative Attonitam Attonitum Attonitum
Ablative Attonita Attonito Attonito
Vocative Attonita Attonite Attonitum
Nominative Attonitae Attoniti Attonita
Genitive Attonitarum Attonitorum Attonitorum
Dative Attonitis Attonitis Attonitis
Accusative Attonitas Attonitos Attonita
Ablative Attonitis Attonitis Attonitis
Vocative Attonitae Attoniti Attonita
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Attonitior Attonitius
Genitive Attonitioris Attonitioris
Dative Attonitiori Attonitiori
Accusative Attonitiorem Attonitius
Ablative Attonitiore Attonitiore
Vocative Attonitior Attonitius
Nominative Attonitiores Attonitiora
Genitive Attonitiorum Attonitiorum
Dative Attonitioribus Attonitioribus
Accusative Attonitiores Attonitiora
Ablative Attonitioribus Attonitioribus
Vocative Attonitiores Attonitiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Attonitissima Attonitissimus Attonitissimum
Genitive Attonitissimae Attonitissimi Attonitissimi
Dative Attonitissimae Attonitissimo Attonitissimo
Accusative Attonitissimam Attonitissimum Attonitissimum
Ablative Attonitissima Attonitissimo Attonitissimo
Vocative Attonitissima Attonitissime Attonitissimum
Nominative Attonitissimae Attonitissimi Attonitissima
Genitive Attonitissimarum Attonitissimorum Attonitissimorum
Dative Attonitissimis Attonitissimis Attonitissimis
Accusative Attonitissimas Attonitissimos Attonitissima
Ablative Attonitissimis Attonitissimis Attonitissimis
Vocative Attonitissimae Attonitissimi Attonitissima

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Translation Astonished, awestruck
Adjective Forms Attonitus, Attonita, Attonitum
Masculine Attonitus
Feminine Attonita
Neuter Attonitum
Stem Attonit

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