Black, Dark

Main Forms: Ater, Atra, Atrum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Atra Ater Atrum
Genitive Atrae Atri Atri
Dative Atrae Atro Atro
Accusative Atram Atrum Atrum
Ablative Atra Atro Atro
Vocative Atra Atrater Atrum
Nominative Atrae Atri Atra
Genitive Atrarum Atrorum Atrorum
Dative Atris Atris Atris
Accusative Atras Atros Atra
Ablative Atris Atris Atris
Vocative Atrae Atri Atra
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Atrior Atrius
Genitive Atrioris Atrioris
Dative Atriori Atriori
Accusative Atriorem Atrius
Ablative Atriore Atriore
Vocative Atrior Atrius
Nominative Atriores Atriora
Genitive Atriorum Atriorum
Dative Atrioribus Atrioribus
Accusative Atriores Atriora
Ablative Atrioribus Atrioribus
Vocative Atriores Atriora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Atrissima Atrissimus Atrissimum
Genitive Atrissimae Atrissimi Atrissimi
Dative Atrissimae Atrissimo Atrissimo
Accusative Atrissimam Atrissimum Atrissimum
Ablative Atrissima Atrissimo Atrissimo
Vocative Atrissima Atrissime Atrissimum
Nominative Atrissimae Atrissimi Atrissima
Genitive Atrissimarum Atrissimorum Atrissimorum
Dative Atrissimis Atrissimis Atrissimis
Accusative Atrissimas Atrissimos Atrissima
Ablative Atrissimis Atrissimis Atrissimis
Vocative Atrissimae Atrissimi Atrissima

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Translation Black, Dark
Adjective Forms Ater, Atra, Atrum
Masculine Ater
Feminine Atra
Neuter Atrum
Stem Atr

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Voc. Singular ending ater

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