Narrow, close, tight

Main Forms: Artus, Arta, Artum

Positive Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Arta Artus Artum
Genitive Artae Arti Arti
Dative Artae Arto Arto
Accusative Artam Artum Artum
Ablative Arta Arto Arto
Vocative Arta Arte Artum
Nominative Artae Arti Arta
Genitive Artarum Artorum Artorum
Dative Artis Artis Artis
Accusative Artas Artos Arta
Ablative Artis Artis Artis
Vocative Artae Arti Arta
Comparative Degree
Masculine/Feminine Neuter
Nominative Artior Artius
Genitive Artioris Artioris
Dative Artiori Artiori
Accusative Artiorem Artius
Ablative Artiore Artiore
Vocative Artior Artius
Nominative Artiores Artiora
Genitive Artiorum Artiorum
Dative Artioribus Artioribus
Accusative Artiores Artiora
Ablative Artioribus Artioribus
Vocative Artiores Artiora
Superlative Degree
Feminine Masculine Neuter
Nominative Artissima Artissimus Artissimum
Genitive Artissimae Artissimi Artissimi
Dative Artissimae Artissimo Artissimo
Accusative Artissimam Artissimum Artissimum
Ablative Artissima Artissimo Artissimo
Vocative Artissima Artissime Artissimum
Nominative Artissimae Artissimi Artissima
Genitive Artissimarum Artissimorum Artissimorum
Dative Artissimis Artissimis Artissimis
Accusative Artissimas Artissimos Artissima
Ablative Artissimis Artissimis Artissimis
Vocative Artissimae Artissimi Artissima

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Translation Narrow, close, tight
Adjective Forms Artus, Arta, Artum
Masculine Artus
Feminine Arta
Neuter Artum
Stem Art

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